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Consulting & Coaching

Communications by companies and their management teams are under the spotlight more than ever. Hasty and inaccurate announcements can soon destroy the company's valuable reputation. On the other hand, a considered response contributes significantly to the company's prestige in the eyes of customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Both in individual consulting and group coaching, I put my energy and experience to work wherever there is room for action and improvement. Innovative ideas and practical solutions are developed in cooperation with the organization to be implemented in short time.

By giving feedback, acting as a sparring partner and providing recommendations for actions, I use my independent expertise to support companies, organizations, CEOs and heads of communication in planning and implementing communication projects.

Communtia GmbH, Buckstrasse 28b, CH-8426 Lufingen-Augwil 
T +41 79 407 93 10, kontakt@remove-this.communtia.ch